Single Page Web Apps Are The New Hotness.

They can provide a great and fast interface for users, but...

Has everyone just forgotten about SEO?

Is just you, or is it going to be impossible for Google to index a single page site?

How does Google handle Single Page Web Apps?

If you view the source in your SPA you won't see the content (and neither will Google).

<div id="important-info"></div>

You add the content later with javascript.

$("#important-info").html("This is what Google needs to read.");

How are you going to get Google to see this?

<div id="important-info">This is what Google needs to read.</div>

Do you have to give up on the client-side focus?

If you want Google to index your content, do you need to reimplement everything so that is is also rendered on the server? How long is that going to take? Is it even worth it? Sounds like a lot of maintenance. Maybe all this javascript is just a waste of time.

You can use PhantomJS instead of duplicating your code.

You know better than to try to write the same code twice.

You can setup a headless browser to run on your server. It will execute all the javascript on your page. Then you can send that result to Google. This will fix your problem, but it's a little more than you wanted to signup for.

You were supposed to be getting away from managing servers.

The single page app was going to mean you had fewer server problems. Instead, it sounds like it is going to introduce a new one. PhantomJS is fixing one problem, but leaving you with a new one.

You still think the Single Page Architecture is worth it.

For all this pain around SEO, you can't ignore the benefits of making a single page web app. The clean back-end restful interface. The super-fast load times as the user navigates from "page" to "page". All the logic is in one place instead of split (or even duplicated) across both the client and server.

It's 2013. You really shouldn't have to choose.

The single page setup really solved most of your problems. Imagine if you could make the SEO problem just go away. You can't ignore Google. At the same time, you can't let making your pages crawlable become a distraction. You have a core product to build, and that is where you need to focus.

We take care of SEO for your Single Page Web App.

We fetch all your pages and pre-render them with a headless browser. You don't have to worry about running servers or setting up PhantomJS. This process is transparent to you.

When Google crawls your site, we've already done the hard work for you.

When Google-bot comes crawling, just load the already rendered page from BromBone and serve it to the Google-bot. Since all the javascript has already run, it will be able to read it with no problem.

You will have to do a little configuration to properly proxy the file from BromBone to the Google-bot. It's actually really easy and only needs to be done once. In most cases, we can provide the exact code you need to paste into your config file. We'll be able to guide you through the one-time setup process and then you can forget about it.

Use BromBone for Single Page App SEO.

BromBone is a service that makes your javascript webpages crawlable by Google. Learn about using BromBone for your Single Page App SEO